Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

The world is changing fast and so is the way we have been living our lives. But there are something’s that never change. For the millenniums, security needs are one of the primary basic needs for the humans. Whenever we go out for holidays, or may be for just a weekend, we want to make sure our house remains safe of the outside invasions. We use locks for that purpose. Well, that can’t change ever. But what can be changed is the way we in which we ensure the security of our house and as the houses are turning ‘smart’ across the world, the need of the hour is a smart locking system. As it happens to be the case, they are also here into the market making sure their presence is felt. Here we have compiled a list of nine best smart lock systems for your houses that would run on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Smart Lock Home Kits

So next time you lost the keys to your house, don’t freak out. Let’s move on to the ten best smart lock systems and see what the industry has to offer.

August Smart Lock – HomeKit Enabled

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

August – Smart lock is sort of a technology that tends to get somewhat complicated for the average users who aren’t tech-savvy. August smart locks have been designed specially keeping that part of users in mind. There is a reason that this particular brand stands at the top of the list. The reason is the secure, simple and a much uncomplicated functioning of the device. The device can be controlled by the official app which can be found in all the operating systems.

The whole kit comes along with a few devices that when combined together, turns your home into an unpenetrable fort. The August Smart Lock turns your Smartphone into the smart key to your house. The Doorbell Cam lets you see who is the on the door knocking so that you could decide whom to let in. The Smart Keypad comes with a password that would only let your close relatives and family members to walk inside the house. While the August Connect lets you keep control of the whole lock system.

DanaLock Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Danalock– This one happens to be one of the most sophisticated and well-designed lock systems on our list. The elegance and the style that is the result of Scandinavian roots of the design clearly shows in the stylish approach to the looks and the sophistication with which it operates. The cutting-edge Bluetooth technology combined so delicately with the Z-wave technology makes it a super smart lock in every sense of words. The virtual keys and the time controlled access are two primary features of Danalock.

The app is available for the Android and Apple devices and is comparatively easy to use. The lock gets activated when you leave the house and will automatically go on rest once you show yourself within a pre-set range of the device. The smart locks don’t go smarter than that. It does the job of triggering all the controls of your smart home as soon as you come near the door. The alarm system then switches off automatically as the message is delivered to the entire system.

Genie Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Genie– Clearly justifying its name, Genie is one of the most uncomplicated and effective smart lock systems in the market. It enables you to control the locks of your house from practically any corner of the world. The locking and the unlocking functions work through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity making it a perfect device to ensure the optimum safety of your house. One additional feature is that it even lets you know about the last person who has messed with the lock system. The send and receive Bluetooth keys are the added advantage to the plethora of features that already comes with this very hi-tech Genie.

Wide options are there for you to choose from based on your convenience and preferences. Some of the options are the Genie Garage doors, to ensure the safety of your motor vehicles, the Genie door, Genie security door systems, Garage door opener lock, Sliding door lock key, the Genie door opener remote, electronic keyless door lock and the Genie locksmith.

Goji Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Goji– Goji is one other smart lock system that is becoming popular despite the presence of some mammoth companies in the market. That is particularly due to one very specific feature that many others don’t have. It sends the real time pictures of the wannabe intruders instantly to your Smartphone. It works very closely with your smartphones and ensures the maximum security to your house whenever you are out of town for the holidays.

It works with the Wi-Fi connections that you are having in your house and the level of security with this device operates is just plain extraordinary. Goji can instantly take the picture of the person who is at your door and it’s up to you then whether you want to let the person in or not. Some additional features are the easy creation of some temporary codes and a full deadbolt replacement.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Kwikset Kevo– Although, known as a smart lock system, calling it the smart key would be a lot more appropriate. With the Smart lock, all you need is your smartphone in order to unlock your door. No more freaking out when you don’t find the keys in your pocket or the headache of remembering the password, just give a slight touch of your smartphone to the lock and you are good to go. One of the easiest and safest methods for the safety of your beloved nest it is right?

Kevo has been engineered to ensure the maximum safety to your house and it has been used by many top celebs and VIPs across the globe and now it’s your time to feel like one. Working with Bluetooth 4, the device comes with a lot of cool features such as a full door replacement and proximity access. It works through an app on your phone which is available on the Apple and Android devices. 4 AA batteries do the job of operating the device.

Lockitron Bolt Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Lockitron Bolt– This one other smart lock system is known for its reliability and features that it comes with, which are way ahead than most of its competition within the same price range. The very smooth and intuitive two-button application can be accessed by practically any smartphone that works on Android and Apple operating systems. The access can be shared in an instant with you family and friends along with the relatives. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4 technology comes together to make it work.

Older phones can also interact with the device just using a very simple text message. This, along with many different and vivid features work in harmony to ensure the optimum and highest level safety to your home and you can enjoy your outdoor trips in peace knowing that your house is in the very safe and capable hands of the Bolt. The processor is the API and Arduino-compatible Atmega microprocessor that is known to be one of the most elite in its market segment. In other words, this happens to be one of the most advanced hi-tech and efficient smart door lock systems around.

RemoteLock Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

RemoteLock– Powered by the infinite power of the internet, the RemoteLock is the latest advancement in the smart home lock technology. We can say that this is one home lock system that uses the internet to its optimum potential. You can easily lock and unlock your house remotely and you don’t even need to be there in the first place in order to be able to do so. You will receive the text alerts whenever the codes are used on your doors and you can issue the new codes or delete the existing ones through your computer.

RemoteLock works with a Wi-Fi connection and the lock also happens to be fully replaceable. The locks can be used in your house, shop or the offices with zero worries about the safety aspect as it has been designed to do just that. Temporary codes can also be created in the RemoteLock and this, along with an array of other special features makes this one a sure shot winner in the crowd of the smart door lock systems.

Sesame Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Sesame– What Sesame does primarily is that it does a great job of replacing your keys with your Smartphone, just like most of the smart locks systems around. The additional feature it comes with is that it gets fitted in your lock like a glove, just in a matter of a few seconds. The most important part in all that is that it doesn’t swap or remove anything in the process. The voice control and the access key functions are other main features of the device and it works through a Wi-Fi connection. But being able to get installed over the existing locks still remains its noteworthy feature that somehow separates it from the rest.

It allows you to have all the control of who can enter the premises of your house and who cannot and when. You will receive a notification on your Smartphone as soon as the lock senses somebody entering the house and the ball will fall in your court after that. In case you forget whether you have locked the door or not, you can always check your phone to be sure. The door lock will be attentive all the time and will keep you notified about everything going around your main doors.

Haven Smart Lock

Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home

Haven– This one good looking and stylish door lock system work closely on many aspects while you are out there enjoying your outing. It prevents the break-ins very effectively where the deadlocks fail most of the times. The strongest point of the door is inside the base and Haven extensively concentrates on that very aspect and makes sure that it becomes extremely hard, if not impossible to attempt a break-in into a house that has been safeguarded by Haven.

The technical specs of Haven do quite a great amount of justice to its name, they are Haven-ly. Working with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and ZWave, Haven is one hell of a technological marvel. The inbuilt accelerometer is one other cool add-on to the plethora of pros of the device. It can be installed over the older lock easily and there is no need whatsoever to change the old lock in order to make way for Haven. That surely does safeguard the owner from a lot of trouble.

There are a lot of them to choose from, but only the one fulfilling all your requirement must be the one that you must go with. This golden age of technology has given us a lot to cherish, so it’s our duty to make the most out of it and to lead a carefree wonderful life.

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Top 9 Best Smart Locks- HomeKit Enabled for Your Smart Home
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