Coswheel, The NextGen Bike | Coswheel Review, Pros & Cons

Coswheel Folding Electric Bike

The forces of capitalism have taken over almost all the countries in the world and as a result of the mad money-making approach, more and more people can afford four wheelers and what does that result in? Heavy traffic jams, parking issues and what not. More importantly, how can we forget the aggressive fuel consumption and the growing rate of environmental pollution that has been in the top list of worrisome issues for most of the governments?

We all have imagined of technology where we could just, instead of parking our cars in the madly crowded parking lot, fold them and take with us to our offices. As it happens to be the case, this is not anymore a gizmo from a James Bond movie. This has become a reality as Coswheel; the highly optimistic firm has come up with an idea of a bike that can be folded instead of leaving it out there in the parking.

Many of us, or shall we say, most of us have faced them everyday problems where we were not able to catch that last bus to the office or have bad days when not being able to find a sufficient parking space for our cars. Coswheel, A-ONE is here to solve all those problems and given the unique and exquisite features that it comes with, we can say that the future never seemed so bright.

Coswheel Features

The folding bike can drive for about 45 kilometers in one go and weighs just 15 kilograms which are surprising, given the functions that it performs. This slim fit vehicle gives a performance which is way more than what it seems to offer when you lay your eyes on it for the first time. Looks aren’t always everything. Other than the beautiful body, the most important task that this little monster performs is that it allows itself to be folded up in a matter of few seconds, and the light in weight thing is easy to carry from one place to another. You may have no problem dragging it up the stairs, or fit it inside the lift. Easier to fit in a cab or to carry in public transport, it seems to be one big answer to all your transport related worries. It is easy to park it anywhere you want as it only takes just a margin of the parking space that a car or any other vehicle requires.

Coswheel, The NextGen Bike | Coswheel Review, Pros & Cons


There is more; the company has designed the high-tech product in such a way that once it gets connected to an app designed for A-ONE, it becomes a smart vehicle. The GPS is here, recording the tracks while enjoying the views and smart speed adjustment are just a few of a lot of cool things that the bike offers to the user. Using the social media sites, you can even let your friends know where and on what you have been traveling.

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The powerful shock absorbers which happen to be inbuilt with the bike makes sure that you cross the bumpy roads pretty smoothly, and the overall experience of riding the bike is a pleasurable experience in itself.

Coswheel, The NextGen Bike | Coswheel Review, Pros & Cons


The bike comes power packed with some other cool features such as the strong power, electronic screen, costumed lights, safety tail lamp and the smart driving lamp. All these features, when combined makes for a very enjoyable and ‘worth the money’ sort of experience. However, products like these do come with a set or pros and cons with them, which we have mentioned below.

Coswheel Pros 

  • The fast folding frame structure will save a lot of time.
  • No worries of being stolen as you could take it with you almost anywhere as it doesn’t take too much space.
  • The weight is about 15 KG which makes it pretty easy to be carried around, so no stressing out about not being able to find a parking spot.
  • It comes with an app assistant and the apps for Android and Apple will follow soon.
  • The inbuilt GPS makes sure that you find you way easily anywhere and is also helpful in keeping your friends in the track of your whereabouts.

Coswheel Cons

  • Being an electric bike, the speed must be an issue.
  • In the initial stages, the price may be higher and out of the question for the people living in the developing countries.
  • Only can person is allowed to sit on it at one time.
  • How durable the bike is!
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The A-ONE bike may seem exotic from the outsider’s point of view, but it won’t be easy at all for the makers to achieve the level of popularity that they are eyeing, and it may also take some time to come in the usage by the general population.

Note: The funding for this project campaign was canceled on June 22nd. 

Coswheel, The NextGen Bike | Coswheel Review, Pros & Cons
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