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Raboo Smart Charger Review | Features, Pros & Cons

We all love our smart devices to bits, but overcharging and overheating issues often damage our devices to a great extent by degrading the life span of batteries. Overheating, Trickle Charging and Overcharging are the issues that have been giving a headache to all the smart gadget owners. With the ...

Top 5 Best DSLRs Under $700 or 40,000 Rupees

The younger lot in the country is getting inclined more and more towards fulfilling their artistic appetites, and what is more interesting than photography and making videos to feed the inner artist? As a result of that, the camera industry is booming. However, there are many different companies ...

Top 5 Best Smartphones To Buy Under 15K – 2016

There was a time in the near past when the smartphones that were available under INR 15k were quite notorious for the inferior quality build and specs. But not anymore, as the competition has toughened, it has put the biggest names under pressure to produce the phones that were as affordable as ...