Huawei – Black Stainless Steel with Black Stainless Steel Link Band Review

Huawei Watch

As the market keeps flooding itself with some of the best smart watches the world has ever seen, the competition becomes tighter, and that is more or less beneficial for the buyers. This stiff competition is allowing the companies to come out of their comfort zone and make some really good stuff to rule, or to survive, the market. Huawei is no different, it has been around making smartphones and basic phones for many years, but it has struggled through most of the times in the presence of companies like Samsung, SONY, and Apple. But as it happens to be the case, there is trouble in the Smart Watch market as well. With the industry giants such as Moto Series and Apple watches, the company has been facing a difficult competition, but there is an upside to all of this. The performance has been on par with the above-mentioned biggies, and as the competition gets stiffer, the more advanced the features get in the Huawei range of watches. Needless to say, one look at them and anybody would agree that these are some of the best-looking products in the particular market segment.

Huawei has managed to carry on the legacy with the Huawei- Black Stainless Steel with Black Stainless Steel Link Band. This is one gorgeous watch that is the very recent talk of the town and has managed to scare its competitors due to the enchanting looks, amazing features and the comfort level that comes along with it. It would be really interesting to see how its competitions tackle the growing popularity of the Huawei but for now, let’s keeps our concentration limited to this one Huawei watch and take a hard look at its design and technical specs.

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Many of the watches coming from the Huawei family feature more or less the same design pattern with some small changes to it. This one is no exception; there have been some major changes that were incorporated to the watch to make it look different from the others but on an inner level, they are quite the same. Take the one with Black stainless body for example; the design pattern is the same, the classy and retro design. But most of the technical details and the body configuration remains the same.

The 1.4 inch fully AMOLED display provides a crystal clear view of what is going on the screen. Be it the apps or the games that you like to play on your watches. Made entirely of the sapphire crystal, the built is quite hard, and it may go through any test. It is scratch resistant and makes it quite a beautiful thing to look at. While the black colour may make it look a bit shady but adds to the overall gorgeousness of it. However, it is quite unnatural for a big name such as Huawei to opt for this colour as most of the leading makers stay away from this unless they are going for a leather band. But by the looks the looks of it, it seems as if the risk of going unconventional with the colour did well for the company.

The display features a 400 by 400 screen resolution which is high even by the industry standards, and Huawei is one of the firsts to have it in their products. Other highlights of the design are the lightweight and the slick body that gives a classy feel of the early 20’s.

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Technical Details

On the technical level, Huawei remains mostly unmatched in its particular segment of the market. Thanks to some very nicely thought out features by the makers; the Huawei products are landing some serious knockout punches on the competitions. As we have mentioned above, the impeccable display featuring 286 ppi and 400 by 400 high-resolution visuals remains one of the highlights of the product along with many others. Such as the high end processor which happens to be a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. 4 GB ROM along with a 512 MB  RAM takes pretty good care of the memory unit of the device which can give your high-end smartphone a run for its money as far as the operating  speed of the device is concerned. The 300maH battery runs for about 40 hours and works perfectly if used in moderation. However, heavy usage may cause it to drain faster as is the case with the other electric products. Bluetooth 4.1 and a flawless WI-FI function is there as well making the files exchange and surfing the internet easier. The inbuilt memory can store over 4000 apps with either Android or iOS OS. The crazy part is the inclusion of a few in-built apps such as a heart monitor, which may prove to be extremely helpful for the heart patients. The weight of the watch is 136 grams which are good for its size and the functions that it provides.


  • High-quality construction both strong and beautiful at the very same time.
  • A scratch resistant crystal which makes the user carefree about the possibility of ruthless stains and scars that are common in Watches.
  • AMOLED display is extremely good looking making it look like more expensive that it is.
  • Performance is quite smooth, and the responsive level of the watch is quite high.
  • The in-built fitness app is good and works accurately and flawlessly.
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  • Expensive. The watch may feature some cool features, but it remains out of the reach of some users.
  • Battery life could have been a lot better.


Products like these do come with their sets of pros and cons but in the end, it’s the market that decides their worth in a long time. The Huawei line of watches has been doing pretty well on that front, and it is expected that they will keep a good pace at it if they carry own experimenting with the design and the features.

Huawei – Black Stainless Steel with Black Stainless Steel Link Band Review
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