Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Huawei Watch Jewel Review

Huawei Watch

The addition of rose gold in the stainless steel along with a Huawei watch jewel has made the watch more of an accessory than a watch, but it does look up market and extremely gorgeous. As is the case with other Huawei products, they are beautiful and strong to look at, but they remain highly advanced on the technical front as well. The style statement that this watch makes is unreal and highly aggressive, and this is supposed to give Huawei the much-needed leverage over its competitors. This trend is not an unchartered territory for Huawei at all, as they have been known to experiment in the style and the design from time to time and this makes their watches desirable by a very broad chunk of population, and this is precisely why they have been riding high on the success that they have been getting.

But in no way does the shiny part of the watch takes our eyes away from the actual functions that the watch performs. Given the inclusion of the Huawei Jewel in the design, it may be argued the watch is strictly meant for the ladies. Well, its a matter of preference but it does make it a great anniversary gift or a birthday gift. The watch comes with a fascinating blue Italian leather strap which is sure to attract a lot of ladies around the markets where the watch will be made available for sales. This particular variant of the watch has some jewels embedded in the bezel while on the other hand; the elegant model has a textured look to the bezel. This particular watch is slightly larger in size than the other watches in the wide of Huawei Smart watches and features the same wonderful specs that have now become the highlight of the company. We will get to that in detail later.

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In the United States, Huawei has become one of the top five sellers of the smart watches sharing the glory among the big players such as Apple and Motorola. That is due to the emphasis of the company on the style as well as the substance in the product. The stylish yet retro look appeals to all age groups and youngsters particularly falls for the great technical specs. So all in all, we the top officials at the Huawei are pretty much satisfied with the way they have performed in the market and coming back to the product under the radar here, it is as precious as other Huawei products.

Let us now take a look at the design and the technicalities that make the watch worth special a few hundred dollars on.


The AMOLED display is fantastic as ever and is one of the main reasons for the massive success of the watch in the international markets. It is largely exclusive to the Huawei watches and has attracted a lot of attention of the users towards the watches. The 1.4-inch display is more than enough for the regular users. But the aggressive nature of the design in this watch is what deserves a special mention among other things. The blue strap is a beauty in itself, and the insides of the circle have been thought out in a way that puts the watch among the best. The experience of scrolling the apps through the screen is wonderful and paints a great picture in your mind, something you know that you have never felt before.

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The high-tech design makes the watch looks more expensive than it already is. It serves best as a gift item to the women you love and admire, and that would make her really happy.

Other than that, the design has been well crafted to make the watch safe from all the scratches that you may get here and there and keeps the watch beautiful for a very long time.


Being a smartwatch, a lot was expected from this one on the technical front and needless to say; it delivers almost on all the areas. Whether it be the memory, the storage, the software among other basic things that makes a gadget wonderful. The device comes with some inbuilt apps to serve the fitness freaks such as a barometer, hydrometer, accelerometer and a heart rate monitor which also does help with the ones having some cardiovascular disorders. The process is a badass one, a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor. The memory of the watch works wonders with a 512 MB RAM and a 4 GB ROM which ensures the smooth working experience on the watch, The battery is quite decent at 300 maH which gives enough power to the watch to make it run for about 2 straight days which is still under works to be bettered in the near time.

The Android Wear is what powers the watch while the latest Android and Apple OS works well with it, making sure that you can download and use up to 4000 apps from their respective stores which are a massive number considering the size of the gadget.

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All in all, this Huawei smart watch performs most functions a decent smartphone can and that too while providing you with a stylish style statement. A few things are there that needs to be rectified, and they will be, shortly, if everything goes right and according to the plans. We are ushering in a new era of technology, and you should try to be a part of it.


  • Beautiful and strong product.
  • The good quality material has been used in making it scratch less.


  • Some technical features could be bettered.
  • Price is out of range of many people.


This is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated watches on the planet and Huawei have been playing pretty nice in the market, and it sure has found its strong hold. This beautiful watch is going to help Huawei in giving exactly what it promises the users.

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Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Huawei Watch Jewel Review
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