Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band Review

Huawei Watch

This one is like a fresh breeze of air in the long list of smart watches. There is no big news that after the phones had gone smart, other gadgets followed them, and watches are among those. There was a time when the wristwatches began to look useless. After all, there were mobile phones to give people the idea of what time it was, so the watches were no more needed. Even the clocks on the walls of the houses seemed like mere decorative piece. But there was a huge chunk of the population in those times as well who stayed loyal to the wrist watches, whatever may the reason be. The style statement, social standing or anything else, but the point is that they stuck to them. It seemed that the wristwatch market was at the mercy of those few loyal people.

Then suddenly, a new technology arrived that turned the wrist watches into something more. The Android Wear technology was the culprit and soon enough, the greenery was back in the wrist watch arena. Major companies such as Apple and Motorola lead the race and smaller companies like Huawei joined soon. Huawei was considered a small player if compared to the others, but it came up with some astonishing designs and technologies that they almost threw all the other players out of the market. The scare was real at least. Huawei has come a long way and over time, it has launched a few good products in the market. One of their most premium and luxury products is the watch that uses the rose gold stainless steel as their construction material. Needless to say, they shook the market with this particular product, and they are going well as there is news that more luxury entrants are soon making their way into the Huawei smartwatch family. While other brands are also bulking up to give a tough competition to Huawei, the coming months are going to be pretty interesting. Let’s take a good look at the new Huawei watch and try to understand that whether this one is worthy of all the hype or not.

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A pleasant change from the herd of watches from the company itself, this one delicately enters the luxury segment of the smart watches, and it deserves it for sure. The reason for that being the decision made by the company to get the watch in a rose gold plated stainless steel. It shines bright, and so does the eyes of the owner of this beautiful product.  However, the makers have made sure that it doesn’t interfere with the quality and overall strength of the product for which it has been popular. The stainless steel is quite strong and provides the necessary protection to the watch against the many risks that are common these days. The anti-scratch metal comes in handy while moving through the difficult terrains as it leaves the watch scratchless.

The circle happens to be a 1.4 AMOLED display made of sapphire which makes it practically unconquerable as well. The intricate design has been the main highlight of the Huawei watches at it gives a fair advantage to the brand over its competitors who, in the rat race of coming up with the latest features and technologies in their product usually ignores the design part. They try to make it more style than substance and in the process, end up losing the trust of the users.

Huawei scores full marks on the design front. Even the box and the case looks like a delicate piece of art. Not just the power, it has enchanting beauty to showcase which works strongly in the favour of Huawei products.

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Technical Details

It is a common notion in the market that Huawei is popular to have some of the best technical specs in its market segment, and this one with the rose plate is no exception. The watch happens to be powered by the Android Wear operating system, and it easily performs most functions that a high-end smartphone does. The processor happens to be a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which makes the user experience uniquely wonderful. Weighing at 136 grams, this is slightly heavier than its counterparts, but once you have it on your wrist, it seems to be totally worth it. The rose gold plated design makes it look like a sure shot champion and ensures that every passerby has at least one look at this magnificent accessory tied on your wrist.

If that was not enough, the watch also in with some great inbuilt apps such as Gyrometer, accelerometer and heart rate monitor that comes with the watch and they work great even in the most difficult of situations. They are now the trademark of the Huawei watches as they show up in almost every smartwatch that the company launches. Others do come with their set of inbuilt features, but they can’t compete with these apps that work like a charm. The super healthy 300 maH battery makes a comeback with this one also and it also has a running time of about 40 hours which is considered pretty okay by the industry standards. The watches operate on the latest Android and iOS platforms which ensure a good number of apps that can be installed in your watch. The memory feature also works pretty well and is having a 512 MB RAM along with 4 GB ROM, which ensures a pretty good running speed.

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  • Beautiful Looks.
  • Strong built.
  • Decent battery backup.


  • Slightly heavy.
  • Too heavy on the pocket.


There are a few things that could be improved in the watch but despite that, this is a great value for money product like all other Huawei products. The software updates need to be there to make it sharper, and the battery is something that needs some work. A few more tiny issues resolved and this becomes a great product to own.

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Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Band Review
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