Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Brown Leather Strap

Huawei Watch

Taking heavy inspirations from the classic watches, Huawei has redefined the smart watch market as they decided to by their way of doing things. What they did was that they introduced some of the most advanced technologies while designing their watches but they kept the basic body design the same as some of the most high-end watches. Unlike others, who go for the sporty look to lure in the younger segment of the population. It was a risky step to consider, but as it happens to be the case, they pulled it off quite well and now they are known worldwide as one of the leading producers of the smart watches in the market. But the good thing they did was, they kept the number limited, and each and every watch is better than the other which gave them a certain edge over their competitors.

Huawei watches feature cutting edge technology and eccentric design. Each watch looks like it has been crafted with utmost delicacy and that is one of the many reasons that Huawei watches have been attracting every segment of the population. Take this rose gold plated one with the example. It combines the retro styled craftsmanship along with the Android wear and provides the consumers with what they desire. A lethal combination, we must say.

This watch has been known for its Gold plated stainless steel circle that comes along with a leather strap that is brown in colour. Like most Huawei watches, this one also is powered by the latest Android Wear technology and although it may be a little higher than its other siblings, it’s all worth it. So let us take a look at the look and the technical achievements of this beautiful watch.

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We can put it this way- this is an extremely stylish watch for the stylish people and the credit for the same goes to the high-end material that has been used in making the watch. After all, no one, falls in love with the personality at the first sight, looks attract people, and this watch is a sure shot crowd pleaser at that. Featuring an eccentric body made of a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, fine leather, and stainless steel band; this is one beast of a watch. The circle is a 1.4-inch full circle featuring AMOLED display that gives a crystal clear display along with providing the watch with a great design. The 400 by 400 screen resolution is impeccable in providing a detailed ration on the screen while scrolling through the different apps. The pure leather band is a good change from the stainless steel ones that makes the watch look classier.

The built is pretty strong with this one as well, justifying the name that Huawei has made over the years. This one carries the legacy pretty well, and it seems like this beauty is here to stay for a long time.

Technical Details

While the design of the product is too good to ignore, being a smart watch, the technical specs matter more than the looks and guess what, Huawei scores a home run in this department as well. This is no big revelation that Huawei is known to have some of the best technical specs in its segment, and this product is no exception. Powered by the Android Wear operating system, this watch easily performs most functions that a smart phone can. The processor is a 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 which makes the user experience wonderful. However, what provides it more advantage over its siblings is the fact that it is quite lighter in weight. At a mere 61.5 grams, this feels comfortable if you wear it all day.

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The watch comes in with some cool inbuilt apps like others. A  Gyrometer, accelerometer and heart rate monitor comes in built with the watch, and they work flawlessly. This is one added advantage of choosing Huawei over others. They may come with their set of in built features, but nothing compares with these apps that work smoothly. The 300 maH battery gives the watch a running time of about 40 hours which is considered decent. The watches runs on the latest Android and iOS platforms which ensure a good number of apps that runs on the smart watch. The memory works pretty well and features a 512 GB RAM, which ensures a pretty good running speed.


  • The build of the watch is of the highest quality, even by the Huawei standards. The case and the bands are the states of the art pieces of beauty and the box in which it comes it also very beautiful.
  • The sapphire crystal makes sure that it remains scratch free for a long time.  You don’t have to worry at all about wearing it in the difficult places.
  • The in-built apps work fine especially the Gyrometer, which is extremely sensitive and works flawlessly.
  • AMOLED display is one of the best in the market segment and even though it is almost the same as other Huawei products, it still looks and feels better than the most especially when it comes to the other Android Wear watches.
  • Battery life, however, is good with this one, quite at par with other Android Wear devices. The battery run time should have been better, though, but there is no scope of complaint.
  • Performance is good and smooth, and the responsiveness makes this one a very nice product.
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It is pretty expensive. Even as if it comes with some advanced features, this remains one of the most heavily priced watches.


Huawei has surely found its footing in the extremely competitive market, and it is going strong. This is a very important addition to the overall collection of the smart watches. Slightly overpriced and an average battery run time is two minor issues that the users may find, but it remains one of the best smart devices in the market.

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Huawei- Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel with Brown Leather Strap
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