Huawei Watch – Stainless Steel Mesh Band Design, Pros & Cons, Review

Huawei Watch

With the arrival of Smartphones or cell phones for that matter, it seemed once as if the era of the wrist watches was done for good. But somehow, to some degree, they managed to hold on to their dignity and kept fighting the norms. Their fight got more interesting with the arrival of the tech savvy, smartwatches and many Smartphone manufacturers entered the race to become leaders of the market. Huawei too came up with its line of watches that came along with the classy design and some of the most advanced technologies ever seen in the smart watches market. As a result, they are picking up the speed quite well and are taking on the market by launching back to back amazing products.

This particular watch that comes with a full body made out of stainless steel is one heartthrob of a watch. Other than giving away a classy vibe, this functions better than most of its competitors in the market. The simple and elegant looks may not give that away, but this performs like a beast, and that is precisely why this has become one of the top-selling Huawei watches on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at what is it all about.

Huawei Watch - Stainless Steel Mesh Band Design, Pros & Cons, Review


If you happen to be looking for a perfect combination of beauty and brains, this is the stop you must make. Because we can’t emphasize enough how crazily beautiful this watch looks. The shining stainless steel strap glows like diamond, and the 1.4 inches AMOLED full circle display compliments it quite well. But the fact that this watch looks more like a traditional watch other than a smart watch does not necessarily work against it. If anything, it works in its favor. The cold forged body made of stainless steel makes sure that the watch goes unharmed through adventurous times. You don’t have to put the watch into your pocket while you are passing through the jungle, or climbing a mountain. This product is designed to give you an experience of having a watch on your wrist that is practically un-scratchable.

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For the first time in an Android Wear watch, Sapphire crystal was used. Yes, it all began with this one. The material used in making it makes it seems to like heavier, but it is not. As a matter of fact, this one happens to be one of the lightest products in its particular segment. The round screen feels great to look at thanks to the 400 by 400 pixels of resolution and 286 ppi, making it the first smartwatch to have these display specs. But where the watch somehow falls a little bit short is the nonavailability of an ambient light sensor, which most of its competitors are having. What this function does is that it enables the user to automatically adjust the brightness level of the screen while in the Huawei watch; you have to set it manually, every time sun changes its position.

There is a little crown which happens to be located at 2’o clock; it is just a button. It is quite gorgeous to look at but neither it spins and nor it is having some necessary function to perform, so we must say that this was a beauty add on. What little it does is, it makes the display brighter or dims it, based on your requirement. Not like Apple watch, where the crown performs multiple functions. You can spin the crown over there to scroll through the apps.

Technical Details

Huawei Watch - Stainless Steel Mesh Band Design, Pros & Cons, Review

Outside looks fantastic and probably better than any other Android Wear smartwatch, but the inside is more or less the same. The watch is powered by a 1.2 GHhz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, while it should be having the latest Snapdragon 410 given the promises by the makers and the high-end price range. There happens to be 512 MB RAM which somehow works well for the speed requirements of the functioning of this tiny device. 4 GB of space to store music and apps is enough for an average user. With the WI-FI feature, you may not miss your miss your Smartphone if you happened to forget it at your home or office.

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At 96g, the weight is quite light, lighter than many in the same segment and price range. But the battery is where the watch practically lags behind. While other competitors are focusing hard on the battery aspect of their products, this one is still behind. It runs for somewhere between 36-48 hours once charged fully, owing to the 300 maH battery that comes with it.

The accelerometer, barometer, and a heart rate monitor serve the health freaks and heart patients well. These inbuilt functions come inbuilt with more or less every Huawei smartwatch and are useless for some, but extremely useless for some others.


  • Feels extremely light and comfortable to wear all day.
  • Looks better than most watches in the segment.
  • A high resolution, full circle sapphire crystal display is the highlight of the product, and it lives up to its reputation quite well enough.
  • Comes with the latest version of the Android Wear.
  • WI-FI function enables to work for some of the phoneless functions.


  • Can’t adjust brightness automatically, while many others in the same range can.
  • Battery life is short, and this is a huge disadvantage of this product if we compare it to others in the market.
  • Android Wear software that is supposed to be the main highlight of the watch still falls a bit short of the overall expectations.


The watch looks great, better than many owing to the stainless steel body, but there are some factors which may make the potential buyers think twice before going for it. The Android Wear software seems like it is still catching up and needs more work to meet the general expectations.

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Watch out for the Smart Watch on official Huawei Website.

Huawei Watch – Stainless Steel Mesh Band Design, Pros & Cons, Review
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