O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review

Smartphones have taken over our lives; it makes us uneasy if our phone goes out of sight even for 5 minutes and while this makes our lives easier undoubtedly, there are some cons to way too much dependence on the phones. This sometimes results in dire consequences when we fail to keep our concentration away from the phone while driving or walking and this, sometimes, results in accidents. But in the fast-changing world, we have many different options to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. One is to keep the phone away while driving or, the second option, to use apps like O6.

Note: This is an overview review and a complete review will be provided once the device is released.


This is a furiously unique way to keep your eyes away from the phone while performing important tasks on it. This could very well be the craziest form of multi-tasking that technology has bestowed upon us. O6 gets connected to the Bluetooth service of the phone and other devices which allows one to open or toggle between apps just with a tap of finger, while keeping the eyes away from the screen. Touch, voice, and gestures will perform the task of operating the app on the phone, and you could read the texts and emails, respond to them in the real time. Using this app is as easy as listening to the radio, only this time around, radio obeys your command.

O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review

Visually impaired people are going to reap most of the benefits from the app, and the general population also won’t have to worry anymore about the ‘texting while driving’ accidents. The brand new and highly accurate paradigm of input and control, with the decent combination of hardware and software, the results are surprisingly accurate.

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O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review


As useful the application is, let’s now even begin to describe the beauty aspect of it. The all metal design that holds textured touchpad buttons, motion sensors along with a rotary bezel dial makes it great to look at. It is evident when you hold the product in your hands for the first time; then you will understand how much genius and care has gone towards making it. It offers a wildly stunning design with intuitive functions that complements the completely eye free and even one-handed operation.

O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review

The rotary command dial is the highlight of the design, and it can be operated without taking aid that comes from orienting the device. For the single finger operation, the dial features have been designed in a unique way. 10 grams is how much the device weighs, and this happens to be one other hot feature of the device.


  • Along with an optional speech feedback, it enables you to control all the touchscreen apps on your phone, with a single click. It supports millions of apps on iPhones, iPads and all the devices running on Apple’s operating system.
  • It has become easier than ever to perform the basic Smartphone tasks such as reading or responding to a text, call, add contacts, music among other things. The input and control system is extremely well designed in this one.
  • The tactile remote control of some very popular media apps such as music, YouTube, Netflix, Podcast and Spotify and much more makes the experience pleasant.
  • The apps are mainly controlled by the gestures performed by the users, and occasionally, speech inputs can also be used to remotely control the app.
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O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review

  • When the notification arrives on the phone, the device automatically turns to smart responses and the centre button is used to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the notification.
  • The device will come equipped with the cloud voices and the standard voices. While the cloud voices will sound good in the earbuds and phone speakers, the standard voices will enable one to have a great musical experience in the car audio systems.
  • The app will receive regular notifications once the new update comes on board and it will be updated using a decent internet connection.


  • Best to use while driving, exercising, cooking and doing other mundane tasks. This app will solve which happens to be one of the biggest causes of an accident all over the world.
  • Multi-functional user interface.
  • Beautiful and authentic design.
  • Most helpful for the visually impaired.


  • Price is going to be on a bit higher side.
  • Some people may take some time to understand the functions fully.


While concluding this, we should say that we are living in a very exciting time, and innovations like these are making it more interesting. There are few apps such as Siri and Cortana that performs more or less the same functions, so O6 has to try way too hard to make its place in the market where the competition is expected to get competitive further once more such apps starts pouring in.

The funding for this project will end in a few days. Supporters can back the project at KickStarter.

O6 App Design, Features, Pros & Cons | O6 App Review
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