Reason For OnePlus Smartwatch Release Postpone

OnePlus SmartWatch

OnePlus CEO and founder, Pete Lau, just confirmed the news that OnePlus was indeed in the mid of making a new smartwatch but the company has now postponed its release. The reason behind this sudden postponing is estimated to be the already crowded market and hence, the company is rather adjusting its focus on the manufacturing of budget smartphones.

A China-based company, OnePlus, has recently made its base in the US market because of its sudden success in creating budget-friendly yet top-notch smartphones. Though the company is known for manufacturing the Android phones, yet OnePlus recently considered the development of an additional product to be added to their brand – a smartwatch. OnePlus 3 is set for unveiling but company’s plans to unveil a smartwatch alongside have been rescheduled after it realized that a smartwatch at this moment wasn’t a ‘smart’ move.

The first rumor about OnePlus manufacturing a smartwatch started making rounds in the year 2013 and the news was confirmed in the year 2014 itself when some leaked pictures of the smartwatch were found online. However, the company has now decided to scrap the idea of launching a smartwatch as the smartwatch company is already overcrowded.

During Pete Lau’s recent interview with The Wall street Journal, he explained that the decision of postponing the creation of a OnePlus smartwatch is the right decision for now, and he stated that the company does not want to lose its focus in creating one of the best smartphones that are also budget friendly.

Lau added that they would rather fund on enhancing their phones instead of venturing in the new territories, such as developing a smartwatch that could potentially divert the company’s focus. According to Lau, smartwatch market is considered as a “cruel market” that the company would not want to take part in.

Lau said, “To use a Chinese saying, it’s like Chinese smartphone makers are competing to see who can take their pants off first.” Lau considers that it is better for OnePlus to emerge and be known for creating phones that could go head-to-head with other top brands, and he believes that it is more efficient for the company to stick with phones as of now.

In 2014, the leaked images showed the OnePlus smartwatch that looked very much like a Moto 360, with a circular display and leather bands. Expanding on why they don’t plan on the release, Lau noted the intense Chinese market. To succeed, Pete Lau believes that they need to focus on what they’re already doing and continue to push sales outside of the Chinese market. By pushing sales out of their home country, OnePlus has a strong chance of sticking around for the foreseeable future.

Reason For OnePlus Smartwatch Release Postpone
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