PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review


Gone are the days when you used to have drastic thoughts about your phone falling to the ground, or from a moving bike and break its glass or the body. Worse, if the phone is one of the high-end ones. This is a huge problem that the Smartphone users across the globe have been facing. Nokia used to manufacture some phones with super strong bodies, but since those days are gone along with Nokia, we are on our own. But behold, there has been a new device in the market that takes away all the risk and keeps your phone and emotions attached with it, safe.

PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review


PhoneCatcher could be attached to your strong pocket clips simply, and it is done. No hassles and no complications, seems like a child’s play doesn’t it? The device is uniquely designed to hold firmly to anything and then you can be stress-free to carry on your day because, if the phone accidentally falls, the PhoneCatcher takes a hold of it and doesn’t let it touch the ground at the speed that could ruin it. The device will slowly bring it down all nice and easy and spare you of a mini heart attack. Just pick up your phone and the PhoneCatcher will automatically readjust itself and prepares for another falling session.

How it Works?

The cord that is attached to the device is very elegantly placed and gets active at a very little push. However, it doesn’t react on light pushes which inevitably takes place when you use your phone which allows a very smooth and regular experience of playing games and making calls through your phones. This makes it easy and carefree for you to put your phone on a table or a desk without any worries. One additional benefit of it is that this won’t let your phone be stolen.

PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review

PhoneCatcher Review

PhoneCatcher Features

There are many benefits of this tiny monster that acts as more or less as insurance for your phone and more so, what makes it even better than the insurance that includes paperwork is the fact that it has the options to store your personal data and files. The usual insurance policies cost a lot, and the money you have to spend on PhoneCatcher is many times lower than that and worse, dealing with the insurance companies is difficult and getting your job done is even harder.

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The device is very well equipped with about a meter length high-tech nylon cord which makes the device easy to use by any person with different size and shapes. The chord may seem soft and beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a beast. The transparent monofilament cord can hold up to 15 kgs of weight with ease. The length of the chord is one other advantage as it makes it easy for the user to pass the call to a nearby person without any difficulty and the style quotient that comes with it is just another thing.

PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review

The device and the chord attached to it are extremely stylish to look at, and the chord comes in different colors that the users can choose based on their preference while matching them with accessories such as a wallet, case or any other things. Many different color combinations will be made available in the market to provide the customers with ample of options to choose from.

The way in which the device fastens to your mobile phone has been very carefully and stylishly designed to make sure that it perfectly fits your phone model. The fixing that happens to be very transparent has been uniquely thought out to attach it to the lower corner of either the front or the back of your phone and it comes along with a very strong patch that can hold the weight of up to 15 kg pretty easily which means a lot more than the weight of an average Smartphone.

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PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review

All in all, we can say that the device can come extremely handy when you are in the risk zone, and one or more members can use the device given the models are some. In its initial stages, the PhoneCatcher will only cater to a few chosen handsets but in the future, there are going to be more.

PhoneCatcher Pros

  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Cost effective.
  • Extremely useful.

PhoneCatcher Cons

  • May take a while before getting used to it.
  • May look awkward in the beginning.


In the end, we can say that in this era of smartphones, there are many accessories growing on the everyday basis that is extremely useful, and this is one of them. Only time will tell how popular it is going to be the user but for the time being, let’s wish that they deliver what they are promising.

PhoneCatcher Features, Pros & Cons | PhoneCatcher Review
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