Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Link Band Huawei Review

Huawei Watch

In the tough and a highly competitive market, Huawei seems to be doing pretty well for itself as far as smart watches are concerned. Be it the beautiful design or the high-end features, they are providing everything that is on the priority list of gen-x. It seems that the creative minds behind the company are well researched and well equipped to provide the consumers with exactly what they want. In the fairly long list of Huawei watches, there is one more, slightly better looking and slightly different from other watches.

The watch with stainless steel that comes with a stainless steel link band is making the waves for the right reasons. It has incorporated a unique style while on a basic level; goes with the all classy retro look. But that doesn’t make it any less on the performance front. In fact, it happens to be one of the most technically advanced smartwatches in the market giving some tough head to head competition with the likes of Apple and Motorola. Do we need to say more?


The classy design doesn’t necessarily bring any freshness as far as the looks are concerned but still, it looks oddly beautiful. This is one of those cases where you know something great is going on, but you can’t pinpoint it. That is what it is. The high-end stainless steel material is used in the making of this watch which practically makes it immune to any hard surface and keeps it safe for a very long time. Yes, you heard it right; you can go on that mountain climbing trip or that jungle safari that you have been avoiding due to the fear of ruining your expensive watch. The stainless steel link band makes it easier on your wrist to carry the watch around anywhere without much hassle.

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The 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display is a wonderful add-on to the overall stainless steel body, and there is more. The glass that is used for the circle is pure Sapphire crystal that is strong as a diamond and scratch resistant at its very core. The display of the watch is the quite high resolution, due to which safari tour Huawei is earning a name now. Its eccentric 400 by 400 pixels in high definition gives you an experience that is no less than your high-end smartphone, given the small size of the screen. This stylish watch is well equipped with speakers for a clear and loud enough sound output which is essential for smart watches but unfortunately gets ignored by a lot of the companies that fares in the smart watch market. It makes it necessary to take calls without any hands-free and to get notification from about 4000 apps that the watch comes with thanks to the Android Wear technology.

All in all, the design is as beautiful as it gets so the watch scores full marks on this particular front. But looks may not be enough to lure you into buying this state of art watch. So let us try to understand what else it has to offer when it comes to the technical specs. They are the main reason the watch is in existence in the first place. Being a smart watch, it has to offer something unique to the consumers. Does it succeed? Let’s hope into the bandwagon and take a detailed look at the ‘smartness’ of this particular smartwatch from Huawei.

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Technical Specs

There was a massive hype in the market when this watch was announced by the Huawei as they promised some brilliant features to arrive with this product and as it seems to be the case, they have, to some extent at least. It has the brilliant display that offers a high-resolution screen that is 400 by 400 pixels with a 286 ppm, which is considered the top in the game by the smart watch standards. This makes sure that the user has the best experience while scrolling down through the iOS and Android operating system while the operating software happens to be powered by the Android wear. The 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor is the best in the segment and is usually one of the main highlights of the watch. The memory aspect of the watch is quite high-end as well. With a 512 MB Random Access Memory (which is more than enough for an Android device of this size) and 4GB ROM, the device runs at a great speed without any lags. This problem is quite recurring in the smartphones even with the best of specs.

The battery is one of the best features about this watch, as well as one of the low points. The 300 maH battery makes sure that the device runs for about two days, which is way more than many of its competitors but it should have been improved given the other features that knock all its competitors out of the park. Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity comes standard with it, which needs no special mention. But what needs to be mentioned is some built-in apps for the health freaks. Apps such as Barometer, Accelerometer, and a heart monitor come inbuilt which enables the runners to keep the tab of their heart rates while jogging or sprinting.

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  • Excellent built and stylish to look at while maintaining a classy look.
  • Over 4000 apps can be installed.
  • Built-in apps such as heart monitor and accelerometer are extremely helpful for the workout sessions.
  • Good memory.


  • Feels a little heavy on the wrist.
  • Price may be a turn-off; that’s way too high.
  • 48 hours of average runtime, this should be more.


Overall, this pretty little watch rules but if some changes were to make in battery and software, this would rule the market. The loyal customers now have high expectations from Huawei.

Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Link Band Huawei Review
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