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It is said that we only use about 9 percent of our brain in the conscious state; even the scholars in the field or neurology don’t know what we are capable of if we could use 100% of it. If we could come from the cavemen era to present era of the high-tech innovations with using just a fraction of our creative powers, it itself becomes insane to even think what can we really do at our full potential. Unlocking the true powers of the brains has been a very interesting topic of discussion always. The philosophers and the psychologists have spent centuries in their pursuit but it still remains a mystery more or less. But there is enough progress here to understand more about it.

The most common among those concepts is the concept of the subconscious mind. Everything we hear and everything we see gets stored deep within our subconscious mind, which later comes in front of us in the different forms such as dreams and the feelings of déjà vu. Neville Goddard was one of the very few people who first came ahead with a theory of how to take your subconscious mind in control, but it still remains untested. Then comes the science in the picture with something that claims to unlock the hidden treasures of the subconscious mind in the form of Super Brain 2.

Super Brain 2

Everyone knows that brain is the source of all the functions in the human body. There are several myths attached with the mind that tries to unlock the mystery that human mind is. But very few of us are exactly aware of the processes that could harness and make the brain more productive, just like Neville Goddard tried to prove. Having a proper understanding of the working patterns of the human mind can expose you to a whole new modified consciousness that you find yourself to be a different, better human being in almost no time.

For a better understanding of the concept let’s break it down into five categories according to the workings of the mind.

  • Beta or the alert consciousness or the normal state of wakefulness.
  • SMR, the still concentration or the state where one is alert consciously but can’t move.
  • Alpha, relaxed consciousness, the one common in creative people and the children.
  • Theta or relaxed sub-consciousness or the state of meditation or light sleep.
  • Delta, or deep rest, the sleep.

The entire human thought process and workings of the brain come under these five categories and with an understanding of this concept, BG7 REX has come up with the Super Brain 2. It claims that it can alter the state of consciousness to some degree with the help of magnetic waves.

Super Brain 2 Features, Pros & Cons | Super Brain II Review

How it works?

All the above mentioned five pointers if understood properly, we can do so much better with our lives and can lead a stress-free and fulfilled life. Most adults spend much part of their lives in the Beta state and they need to make sure that it doesn’t affect their quality of life in any way. That could happen with the emission of the brain wave that causes stress which comes with a lot of mental and physical issues.

Super Brain 2 is a device that decodes the patterns of the brain waves that does the stimulation of the theta, alpha, SMR and delta waves as it significantly alters the frequency of the magnetic waves. The device was based on the findings that say that both the human and animal minds work alike in many ways when it comes to be the influenced by the magnetic waves.

The difference between the other brain wave learning devices with Super Brain 2 is that while they induced the brain waves indirectly using the disorienting patterns, Super Brain 2 goes with a magnetic band. This band can alter the direction of the magnetic waves to get different states of consciousness. Inducing the Alpha brain waves can help you take down the stress level to a minimum, the SMR waves can give you a whole new sense of alertness. On the other hand induction of the Theta brain waves can help you relax and go into a meditative state while the Delta brain waves can assist in providing you with the deep mental rest.

The headband comes with four basic modes- Learning, Sleep, Meditation and the Fatigue recovery. Each of these modes will do the job of stimulating the corresponding waves in the brain to reach a certain level of consciousness that is most desired by the brain at a certain time.

To put it in the simplest words for a better understanding, Super Brain 2 bounces off between the different levels of consciousness in order to make you feel more relaxed and a more centered human being.


  • Provides a very deep and comfortable sleep.
  • Adjustment of the jet lag.
  • Helps people who are bad at concentrating on a certain task.
  • Helps creative people in facilitating the creative spark. Like the writer’s block, where the writer become unable to think of something new for a certain period of time.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression to a great degree by significantly altering the waves.

The previous products that promised the same results have failed to prove the effectiveness and given the scientific facts that Super Brain 2 works on, it seems something refreshing and who knows, it could be a new advancement in the studies of the human consciousness.


  • Deeply effective, works on the innermost levels of the working of the human brain.
  • Easy to carry and portable headband.
  • Looks stylish on the forehead.


  • It shouldn’t be complained keeping in mind the almost miraculous feats it performs.
  • You need to have a well-settled mindset to get it working properly.


We won’t go as far to say that it is the next step for humanity, but we would like to say it is akin to the deepest meditation and the level of transcendence that you have ever achieved, which makes it special.

Super Brain 2 Features, Pros & Cons | Super Brain II Review
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