TouchPico Design, Features, Pros & Cons | TouchPico Review

Touchjet Pond: TouchPico

The concept for a unique device that acts as a mashup of an Android computer and a projector first grabbed general public’s eyes a couple of years ago when a crowdfunding campaign was launched to brought it in existence. TouchPico was the name christened to the device and what it did was, it facilitated the activation of the icons spurted out on the wall or a white board while turning them into a huge touch screen display. However, as the product has officially started its production, let us take a good look at what it has to offer in terms or services, design and features and how better it is from a conventional projector.

TouchPico Design, Features, Pros & Cons | TouchPico Review

TouchPico Review


When it was first presented and until now, the name has not been the only thing about the device that has changed. The size of Touchjet Pond has also been revisited to make it a little more attractive and strong. Earlier, it was more or less the same sized as the Samsung Galaxy S4; the latest design alteration has changed the numbers to 108.5 x 97.6 x 33 MM, and it weighs 276 grams.

However, the weight of the device doesn’t include some additional accessories that you may find in your box. Two interactive pens, power block and an air mouse and along with them, comes a well designed hard shell case which does the job of holding everything together.


The inbuilt Android operating system makes everything happen, and the quality and the realness of it give the impression of a massive budget science fiction film. The two interactive pens that come with it perform the same functions as your fingers do on your touch screen phone. It can do as many functions as a normal Android phones such as finding maps, opening photos, streaming videos, etc. and more. So basically, it can perform anything like a tablet, and you don’t have to attach it to an additional device. You can zoom in on the photos and the documents using those interactive pens, and you have to do it the same way you do with your fingers on your phones. Other than that, the remote that comes with the device can also perform the same functions.

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Setting up the device can be a little bit complicated for the ones who are not very much into this field. You can use the rechargeable battery or AC power, depends on where you have installed the setup. Example, in case there is no power source nearby, the rechargeable battery would be the best option. According to the company claims, the battery runs for about 120 minutes in one go, but we have found that it runs longer than that.

It comes with its share of complications though which are not too big to stress out about, though. A calibration is needed every time you want to use the interactive pens to command the screen. It is quick and easy as you just have to touch five points on the screen to activate it.

The color balance of the device is more than excellent and makes for a soothing and wonderful viewing. As we have tested, we saw a little darker than usual shades of the red color and blue, but we tried to adjust it, and it was not intolerable anymore. 854 by 480 native resolutions offers some issues in the video playing which makes the experience a little lower than expected. Audio quality is pretty much okay given the 1-watt speaker that comes installed in the device. However, an additional speaker and music system and a headphone will solve the issue.

The Android OS is updatable, and a decent internet connection is enough to do it.


• The lightweight of the product makes it easy to carry from one place to another.
• The 18 GB of internal storage makes it easy to store ample of files, photos, and videos.
• The rechargeable battery runs for more than 2 hours which is enough for the most part.
• Built in Android OS makes it quite familiar for the people who have been using the Android Smartphones for some time.

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• Blu-Ray player could not be connected as we have observed.
• The price is on the higher side.


The TouchPico, if used to its fullest, can be one of those devices that makes your life a lot easier. The office presentation becomes more interesting and watching the movie with close friends and family on a giant surface makes it feel like you were in a cinema theater. There are other similar devices in the market performing more or less the same things, but everything in the technological world comes with its set of pros and cons. Choose wisely.

TouchPico Design, Features, Pros & Cons | TouchPico Review
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